Über uns / about us

Georg Cortum 1915 – 1992
As a child he learned to know the figurine, in 1948 he began publishing the first figures. His good acquaintance with Prof. Krischen, Danzig and Lübeck earned him the first sketches and figure drawings, which were then engraved by Frank. Later came more drawings by Madlener, Block and others. The figures were designed by Frank Mohr, S. Maier, and others.
The sets came out in the following order:
1. Battle ofIssos
2. Teutons in the days of the roman empire
3. Persian bearhunting
4. Hellenistic lionhunting
5. Roman legionnaires
6. Assyrian lionhunting
7. Migration of people
8. Tribute to the pharao

Until 1987 Georg Cortum was present at the Kulmbach fair.

Christian Carl
He also discovered his love of the figurine in childhood, learned to know George Cortum in professional activities and exchanged views on the hobby. When in the eighties George Cortums health deteriorated, Christian Carl took over the castings and since then he extended them by many of his own pieces.

The Team of the Kulmbach fair 2011: Christian Carl, Ingeborg Carl, Paul-Gerhard Herrler and Johannes Carl